About JH Blades

We believe our underwriting and claims philosophy is unique within our industry. Our past success has been attributable to:

  • Our staff’s deep experience in this business. We have the patience and experience to evaluate and service challenging and complex marine risks.
  • Long-term relationships with clients, carriers and reinsurers who have supported the staff through market cycles without interruption. We have never had an “in and out” reputation.
  • Our patient and long-term view of risk underwriting. This view provides a better chance of stability in product offering and long-term results for all parties.
  • Our professional and fair response on claims service and resolution.
  • Our recognition that value is not the same as price. Our value lies in our ability to provide consistent service and broad products backed by stable security at competitive terms. This will equate to long-term value over short-term price for our customers. We focus on the exposure attributes of our clients and endeavor to price risk in a stable, consistent, and competitive manner.
  • Avoiding clients with a “frequent shopper” mentality. We prefer clients who share our philosophy of loyalty, consistency and stability, rather than those who treat their insurance as a commodity that is traded on price alone.