The best and brightest minds in energy underwriting are working together on your behalf.

That's the "energy of all."

At JH Blades, we pride ourselves on having the very best insurance products for the upstream energy sector and the industry's best energy underwriters and brokers. Over our 40 years as a market leader, we have consistently partnered with top-rated insurance companies and kept our team intact through the energy market's up and down cycles.

Through the challenging climate of recent years, JH Blades has increased our annual capital investment to bring you more. We expanded the size of our brokerage team through the acquisition of Burke Daniels Inc. And, we partnered with Wild Well Control & Brian Krause, a globally-renowned well-control specialist, to offer an early-intervention pollution control and mitigation program. In 2012 JH Blades expanded into brown water marine insurance and set up Blades Marine. This division is a leader in the lines of business they offer.

As one team, our unique company culture emphasizes the free flow of information and expertise to our clients' benefit. JH Blades will always ensure that you get the best coverage for the highly specialized risk you need to cover. That's what we mean when we talk about our client-first focus. That's what we mean when we say, "the energy of all."